Indonesia Sumatra

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Grind: Whole Bean
Roast level: Dark
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This Indonesian Sumatran coffee offers a unique flavor experience with tasting notes of pine, black licorice, and cocoa. Its inviting aroma and smooth taste make for a satisfying cup. With a full body and lingering aftertaste, this coffee is sure to delight those seeking a distinctive coffee experience.

Tasting Notes Pine, Black Licorice, Cocoa
Country of Origin Indonesia, Sumatra
Region Aceh
Altitude Grown 1300-1650 MASL
Variety Ateng, Bor Bor, Catimor, and Timor
Process Wet-Hulled

Country: Sumatra

Sumatra is a coffee-growing region that is renowned for its unique Wet-Hulling post-harvest processing, which was developed in the 1970s. Before the introduction of this process, coffees in Sumatra were processed using the two most common methods worldwide: washed and natural. The region's tropical climate, with heavy rain and clouds throughout the year, made the drying process slow and inefficient.

The Wet-Hulling process involves hand-depulping and drying the coffee cherry for a short time before selling it to a collector with a high moisture level of 30-50%. The coffee is then hulled while still in this state and dried to a more commonly accepted 11-13% moisture for export. This process is unique to Sumatra and is largely responsible for the region's distinct earthy, savory, and herbaceous flavor characteristics.

Sumatra is the largest island in the Indonesian archipelago and has a long history of coffee production dating back to the early 18th century. The island's fertile soil, ideal elevation, and tropical climate create ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. Coffee farmers typically harvest their coffee cherry and depulp them by hand at their farm or home before drying them for a short time.

Sumatran coffee remains a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts worldwide due to its unique flavor profile and Wet-Hulling process. Overall, Sumatra has a rich history of coffee production, and its distinct processing method has helped shape the region's reputation as a coffee-producing powerhouse.


Sumatra Sourcing

Sumatra is a unique coffee-growing region among the Indonesian islands, with diverse coffee offerings that make it an exciting origin to explore. Through rigorous cupping, Cafe Imports has developed long-term partnerships with individual farmers, collectors, and cooperatives to discover new producers and seek special microlots and alternative processing methods. They are particularly interested in Washed coffees and associations of women coffee producers. Senior green-coffee buyer Piero Cristiani nurtures the partnerships he has established in Sumatra and seeks the best coffee offerings the region has to offer. Cafe Imports will continue to pursue untapped potential in this producing powerhouse region.

Process: Wet-Hulled

There are many variations on the details of Wet-Hulled process based on the particular mill, but the basic principles of the process remain fairly constant: In Sumatra, the coffee is picked and depulped, then it is traditionally sold to a collector or broker, who will sell it to a mill. After it's purchased by the mill, it will be washed and pre-dried for 8–12 hours or until it reaches roughly 35% moisture content, at which point it is hulled. It is then fully dried without its parchment until it reaches a state that is appropriate for export, 10–12% moisture.

Region: Aceh

Aceh, in northern Sumatra, is an incredible region for coffee production. The average farm is one hectare, 80% of producers within northern Sumatra are women, and 95% of producers are smallholders. The region is diverse, geographically speaking. It is surrounded by beaches with a swampy inland, and the Barisan Mountains make up the inner two-thirds of the area. Coffee is grown on this volcanic mountain amongst the rainforest. One of the notable features of this area is Lake Taboa, the largest volcanic lake in the world.

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