Fiorenzato F64 EVO XGi PRO On Demand GBW Espresso Grinder

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Color: Black
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Looking for a way to improve your coffee business's workflow and efficiency? Look no further than the F64 EVO XGi PRO espresso grinder. Designed for medium-volume cafés serving up to 200 drinks a day, this grinder is ideal for baristas who demand unmatched grind by weight precision and quality.

Key features of the F64 EVO XGi PRO include:

  • XGi Technology: grind by weight (gbw) technology for precise and consistent doses
  • PRO Technology: detachable grinding chamber for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • EVO Technology: climate control system to preserve coffee flavor by controlling the heat from the motor
  • M340 Flat Steel Burrs: produced in-house using a computerized numerical control machine for superior quality
  • IPS touchscreen display: intuitive and user-friendly for easy adjustments and monitoring
  • Compatibility with the PUQpress M4 automatic tamper
  • Little spray or messy waste on the bar
  • Italian-made quality

With its grind by weight technology, the F64 EVO XGi PRO streamlines the bar and speeds up workflow, eliminating the need for extra dosing tools. The detachable grinding chamber makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze, while the climate control system ensures consistent quality and flavor in every cup. With unmatched grind by weight precision and quality, the F64 EVO XGi PRO is the perfect addition to any coffee business looking to improve efficiency, workflow, and coffee quality.


  • Doses adjustment: in grams

  • Ring nut micrometric grinding adjustment: continuous

  • Varnishing: standard

  • Fork: adjustable, with support

  • Power: 600 watt

  • Blades type: flat

  • Blades diameter: Ø 64 mm

  • Blades revs: 1350/min (50 Hz) – 1550/min (60 Hz)

  • Coffee bean hopper capacity: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)

  • Net weight: 15.3 kg (33.7 lbs)

  • Dimensions: 255x635x320 mm

About Fiorenzato

For more than eight decades, Fiorenzato has been synonymous with excellence in the coffee industry. The company has earned a reputation for producing exceptional Italian-made grinders that boast both vanguard design and technology. Whether you're a barista or coffee connoisseur, you can rely on Fiorenzato's grinders for consistency and reliability in every cup. With intuitive touchscreen displays, you can easily monitor coffee stats, switch between grinding modes, and adjust dose times for the perfect cup. Fiorenzato's burrs are produced in-house using a computerized numerical control machine, guaranteeing superior quality and great results every time. One of the defining features of a Fiorenzato grinder is its ability to remain clean on the bar, with little to no spray or messy waste. Discover the difference with Fiorenzato grinders today and enjoy high-quality coffee every time.

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