1. Heat water to 205° (30 sec off boil)

2. Grind 18g (1 tbsp) of coffee to medium/fine

3. Lay filter in cap, screw cap onto the Aeropress chamber and set on top of mug

4. Place entire assembly on scale, dump grounds into the bottom of the press and tare to set it at 0.0g


1. Start your timer as you pour 200ml (1 cup) of water into the Aeropress chamber

2. Stir the grounds and water together, then insert plunger onto the top of the chamber

3. Let the coffee brew for 2:00

4. Lightly press the plunger until all the coffee has been filtered into the mug. Remove cap to discard the grounds and enjoy your coffee


*If you don't have access to a scale use the provided tbsp/cup measurements for similar results

**For a superior cup of coffee, try a reusable Prismo Filter

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